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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Anyone who has ever dreamed of backpacking around The World, or budget traveling most anywhere, has likely also wondered about how to stay in hostels. There are a lot of myths swirling around hostels and everyone has heard at least one horror story about thieves, dirty bathrooms, bedbugs, party hostels, hostel hookups, and so on. Yes it was a skeptic think for the first time someone took a major trip. But with a bit of helpful information about choosing a good hostel, hostelling can be a lot of fun! It can be a great place to meet people, especially for solo travelers, and most hostels are an unbeatable value for the money.

Here are some tips on what backpackers look for in a hostel:
  • Budget Hostels. Review your budget before choosing hostels. Don’t wasting more money just for choosing the expensive hostels. The comfortable hostel does not the expensive hostel. Find out your hostels appropriate with your traveling objective. (For living or for adventuring) There are many cheap hostels with comfortable services.
  • Comfort. Backpackers walk a lot in the sun or rain, and in congested, smoggy, noisy cities. At the end of their day, they just want to return to somewhere comfortable and cozy, where they can rest their weary bodies.
  • Cleanliness. Nothing puts off a guest more than bed bugs, cockroaches and dirt! You don’t have to be a five-star hotel to be spotless.
  • Kindness. You can be clean and comfy but what makes a place stands out is its warmth, personalized service and friendliness.
  • Experience/adventure. Convenience is key for most backpackers. But what really sells a place is also the experience - say, a hostel at the edge of a cliff or in a jungle. People travel to look for adventure, so if you provide it, they’ll come.
  • Sincerity. Deliver what you promised. Backpackers are used to being ripped off. So they’re always on their guard.
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