Men's Rolex Baguette Diamond Platinum

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Have you look this picture? It is nice watches right? Yes, it is Men's Rolex Baguette Diamond Platinum. It is so elegant. This is as good as it gets! The "Special Edition" Men's Rolex Baguette Diamond Platinum with the original Rolex factory baguette diamond bezel and Glacier Blue Jubilee Diamond dial. This is the special edition 36mm full size "Day-Date" with the brilliant diamond dial and Rolex factory 24-baguette diamond bezel. This is 100% authentic Rolex, 100% original and flawless.

Comes with original factory tags and attachments, Rolex books, Rolex boxes, there is no timepiece commands the respect given to the Rolex President. Every time you will have the satisfied of knowing you have the finest timepiece in the world. This is the latest model available. This model has impressive changes, and is the heaviest Rolex President ever made or offered, by Rolex, over 30% heavier. Originally purchased from an authorized Rolex dealer, it is absolute perfection. 100% authentic men's Rolex President, double quick set with a sapphire crystal, and hidden clasp. It comes with the large Rolex box, outer box, booklet, Rolex hang tag, leather wallet, etc.


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